Andre Sitompul received his Bachelor of Informatics degrees from Telkom University, Bandung, Indonesia in 2014. In 2015 he joined Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Shizuoka University through a program called Asia Bridge Program and currently doing research in sound processing in Nishimura laboratory

略 歴

  • 2014年8月 Graduated from Telkom University, Bandung, Indonesia
  • 2015年10月 Enrolled at Shizuoka University through Asia Bridge Program (ABP) majoring in Computer Science
  • 2016年4月 Joined Nishimura Laboratory

  • 研究発表

  • "Indonesian Vehicles Number Plates Recognition System Using Multi Layer Perceptron Neural Network and Connected Component Labelling,"
    Andre Sitompul, Mahmud Dwi Sulistiyo, Bedy Purnama
    IJoICT: International Journal on ICT, Vol 1, Issue.1, pp. 29-37, December 2015.
  • "難聴者支援システムのためのMUSIC法による音源方向推定の検討," Andre Sitompul他, WiNF2016, A-15, 2016.
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