Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Informatics, Shizuoka University,

About our group

Conventional information science implicitly assumes that all information processing devices are governed by classical mechanics. However, recent integrated circuits are so small that it is impossible to explain their behavior without quantum mechanics. Hence, we study quantum information science which aims to develop revolutionary software by utilizing quantumness of information processing devices.

As conventional information science have various different fields, quantum information sciece also have various different fields. Main research areas of quantum information science include: quantum communication, quantum cryptography, quantum algorithm, quantum computational complexity, quantum statistical inference, quantum control theory, entanglement theory, Bell's inequalities, quantum error correction, and also, various experimental research fields trying to impelement quantum information processing.

Among these topics, our groups recently focus on quantum information processing protocols on quantum networks using entanglement, quantum contorol theory, causality on quantum systems, etc.

What's new?

we organized workshop "new developments on quantum information and finite length analysis"
We made Japanese pages.
Owari group started.


J2415, 2nd building of Department of Informatics
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Shizuoka Univerity
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